Intercultural coaching

Let me help you adapt to Spain

Are you an expat in Spain?

Do you speak English and need help to settle in your new country?

I offer Intercultural Coaching for Expats and newcomers to Spain. I can help you adjust to the new country and culture.

I have lived in many different countries and I know what it is like to adapt to a new culture, to re-invent yourself and start again.

During my stay in London I have helped many people and their families who were coming from different countries to adapt to London.

Changing a country can be daunting, even when coming with a job and in good conditions.

Each person is different to each other, and changing countries can represent a different experience according to your personality, personal situation, belief system and values.

Having gone through the same experience, provides me the ability to understand how you feel in the process of accommodating to the new place and the insertion in a new professional and social environment.

Depending on  who is moving, being one, a couple, or a whole family, the challenge would be different. Each person brings their own set of family situations, experiences, memories, and the settling in process is critical to adapt and enjoy the new country and to be open to new experiences.

One of the main problems that many companies face, is that families who go back home as a result of not adapting to the new culture.

To reach emotional and psychological wellbeing, it is important to learn new emotional abilities. It is also important to be able to value the opportunity and change that this new experience means.

I can help you achieve an agile adaptation with new intercultural competencies.

I offer a 30 minutes Skype meeting to get to know each other.



Flexible hours

Our sessions can be face to face if you live in Madrid, or via Skype.

Professionals and Companies

I work with both individuals and corporations. My first consultation is free in both cases.

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