I have moved, but not settled

I have moved, but not settled

I offer a set of eight Coaching sessions, in person or online, to use over a six months period.

Moving abroad can be hard at times, but your attitude towards this challenge, makes all the difference.

I will guide you into the ways of this new culture, how to find new friends and make the most of this move.

– If needed, I offer written material on issues such us: Cultural analysis, everyday Life, business issues, value systems, social interactions, cross culture behaviours, intercultural communication, relationships, lifestyle, time management, business meetings and business etiquette. (at an extra cost of €100).

-Moving abroad can be daunting and exciting at the same time, I will help you navigate both in your new world, for you and your family.

-It is not uncommon for expats to go through a period of “Expat´s Syndrome”, when we tend to see only the negative parts of the new culture we are living in, and praise our own culture.

-I will help you deal with your thoughts and emotions during  this time, so you have the right attitude to face this experience.


This programme comprises:

Sessions: Eight sessions during a  six-month period

Workshops in Madrid: Access to three meetings

Online “Pills for Expats”: Access to three meetings

I will help you navigate the challenges of moving and living overseas.

Let’s chat if you have a decision to make or need personalised advice on making the Big Move.

Reserve your free 30 minutes online meeting

 to decide which plan suits you better.