Expat Life Coaching

Expat Life Coaching

Living abroad can stress you on a very personal level if you paused your career or find yourself in a new role within your family. 

Perhaps you need a time to reflect on what you want, who you are now and where do you want to move from here, a pursuit for a new identity and goals.

-I will help you deal with homesickness or expat syndrome .

-I can help you tune-in your life purpose during this time, and reorganise your career path, or put together a personal project: work, studies, or new career opportunities.

– I will help you with your personal, couple or family relationships, which can suffer during these times.


Sessions: 10 sessions in during a six-months period.

  • Mindfulness Audios
  • Journaling
  • Online groups: “Mums surviving moving abroad”

I will help you navigate the challenges of moving and living overseas.

Let’s chat if you have a decision to make or need personalised advice on making the Big Move.

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